Singer : Lady Kash

Music by : Harris Jayaraj

Female : Ena gana gana smack up
Ini nava nava match up
Eva thava thava trap up
Ema gama gama got up

Male : Roaring lion
Daring lion
Soaring lion
Rocking lion

Female : Wanna wanna waanna higher
Gonna gonna gonna fire
Gotta gotta gotta near
Never never never fear

Male : Yo yo
Sydney mission
Yo yo
Own decision
Yo yo
Has the vision
Yo yo
For the nation

Male : Kadal thaandi vanthaanae
Kaattraaga sendraanae
Gana neram nindraanae
Confirmaai velvaanae

Male : {Ena gana gana roaring lion
Ini nava nava daring lion
Eva thava thava soaring lion
Ema gama gama rocking lion} (2)

Female : Re re re reloading
Re re reloading
Big badder boss boom boom
Bullet on a zoom
Flew in to sydney
A new direction
Got it all locked down
None to question

Female : Didgeridoo
If you know who
He could do it solo
What it takes two
Gonna leave a trail
In new south wales
Kangaroo kicks this
Man is so sleek

Female : {Ragha dhaga dhaga
Ragha dha dha
Ragha dhaga dhaga
Ragha dha dha} (4)
Male : Roaring lion daring lion

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