Singers : Kamal Hassan and Benny Dayal

Music by : Shankar-Ehsaan- Loy

Male : The ground and the dirt
In the heat
Senses dead and going blind
When you have war on your mind

Male : Feel the drums of battle
Beating in your head
And the only song you are singing
Is the song of the dead
I am not a man
I am a shell
Thats waiting to explode
On my shoulders gotta burning overload

Male : Thuppaaki engal tholilae
Chorus : Ohoo oooo
Male : Thurbakkiyam than vazhvilae
Chorus : Ohoo oooo
Male : Eppothum saavu nerilae
Chorus : Ohoo oooo
Male : Ippothu velvom porilae

Male : Porgalai naangal
Chorus : Thenrthedukavillai
Male : Porthaan emmai
Chorus : Thenrtheduthu kondathu

Male : Engalin kaiyil
Chorus : Aaayuthangal illai
Male : Aayuthathin kaiyil
Chorus : Engal udal ullathu

Male : Oorai kaakkum porukku
Chorus : Othigai seikindrom
Male : Savae engal vaazhvendru
Chorus : Sathiyam seigindrom

Male : Ottagaa mudhugin mel
Chorus : Oru samaveli kidaiyaathu
Male : Dollar ulagathil
Chorus : Samatharmam kidaiyathu

Chorus : Ho ho ho oh
Male : Needhi kaanaamal
Chorus : Ho ho ho oh
Male : Porgal oyaadhu

Male : Thuppaaki engal thozhanae
Chorus : Ho ho ho oh
Male : Thozh konda veeran dheivamae
Chorus : Ho ho ho oh
Male : Eppodhum engal koppayil
Chorus : Ho ho ho oh
Male : Thaeneerum parugum maranamae

Male : With a rifle in your hand
Its down to man to man
To live you gotta let die
I ll bear the sky for a nine
You cant afford to fail
Gotta fight it to the nail
Gotta live by the warriors code
Cant afford to look back down the road

Male : Boomiyai thaanga
Chorus : Konja veeram ketkindrom
Male : Puyalai swasikka
Chorus : Nurai eeral ketkindrom
Male : Ettu dhisaigalal
Chorus : Oru imaiyam ketkindrom
Male : Irul moolaadhu
Chorus : Elamai ketkindrom

Male : Thuppaakiyum thalayanaiyaai
Chorus : Thooki thirikindrom
Male : Thozhodum en maranathai
Chorus : Thooki thirikindrom

Male : Ottagam mudhugin mel
Chorus : Oru samaveli kidaiyaadhu
Male : Dollar ulagathil
Chorus : Sama dharmam kidaiyaadhu

Chorus : Ho ho ho oh
Male : Needhi kaanaamal
Chorus : Ho ho ho oh
Male : Porgal oyaadhu

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