Singers : Premji Amaran, Naveen and Chorus

Music by : Yuvan Shankar Raja

Lyrics by : Premji Amaran and Swathi

Chorus : Oru vanmurai mun varuvan
Oruvan siruvan ene
Vandhavanin valuvil thiramai thiranai
Siru seythavanai oru kaal adithaal
Thalai kaal idam maaridumey

Chorus : Theekereekaa…

Rapp : Watch your moves when I feeling right
Shake your *** if you are feeling tight
Put your hands high up in the air
Wave’em around like you really do care
Do for the base row
When I get down on studio
Watch till twenty four is upon the timer card
Move it, prove it if your feeling hot
Bottle bottle mani, I really want your honey
Spit it that it is so easy
Oo I like it juicy
Get the lead up, get it done so high
Get it fixed with a raving style
Don’t know who the hell I am
Waiting for the boys
Bottle Mani

Chorus : Theekereekaa…
Just don’t care

Chorus : Oho ho
Bottle Mani…(8)

Chorus : Theekereekaa…

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